About Us

What is Alfredo?
Alfredo is a team of friends brought together by our passion for robotics. Together we have built robots for and competed at many events including combat robotics, FRC, the Trinity College Robot Competition, and more. We created Alfredo Systems to develop and distribute software and electronics for hobby roboticists competing in events like combat robotics and MiniFRC.

What is MiniFRC?
MiniFRC is robotics competition created by FRC team 4561: the TerrorBytes. MiniFRC fits a unique niche in the world of a competitive robotics. It has a low barrier to entry, is affordable, and has exciting robot action! Many programs out there excel in two of these categories, but we believe MiniFRC excels at all three in a novel way.

What does Alfredo have to do with MiniFRC?
Alfredo Systems was created to support MiniFRC. We maintain the open source software that runs the robots, help make the games, write the Field Management Systems used at the events, and offer kits and parts on our store.